What We Do - Health Education at its Best

We are passionate about Health Education. We really want your PSHE / RSE lessons or Health Promotion event to be the best. Because having the best lessons that are informative, fun and interactive means we have much more of a chance to make a difference...

Just take the subject of Smoking. Imagine that the group/class you meet/teach today all smoked, or were to become lifelong smokers. That means in a group of 30 people, half of them will die from tobacco. Your lesson, and with it our resources can help make 1, 2, 3... all of them not smoke, or quit and you will have saved lives!

We understand therefore how important it is to make the highest quality, best researched, tested and importantly entertaining resources for you to use. Health Education at its Best!

We are highly qualified and experienced in the production of health education resources. We work at the highest levels and you can be confident that our resources will meet your educational needs for RSE, PSHE and further into subjects such as Mathematics, Social Emotional Health etc.

Please do fee free to contact us at Info@mybodyboard.co.uk