Vaping - Magnetic Pack


We know that smoking is dangerous. There is an abundant amount of evidence relating to the dangers from tobacco. Vaping or e-cigarettes are a relatively new trend that has seen a way for tobacco smokers to quit cigarettes, but keep their nicotine addiction. Vaping seems a good way to cut out many of the dangerous chemicals from tobacco smoke and therefore the potential damage to health. Vaping though is not safe. Due to the massive dangers from tobacco smoking, the dangers from vaping can seem small or even trivial to some people. The truth is that e-cigarettes with their fruit/sweet/childlike flavours; manipulated ingredients; high nicotine contents; interaction of other drugs into the vaporizer are bringing a whole host of dangers to young people and adults in society. We also have little evidence on the long term effects of vaping on lung or overall health.

Our ‘Vaping – The Truth’ magnetic pack and double sided My BodyBoard enable you to present a vivid, informative and truthful view on how vaping can be an aid for tobacco smokers to quit, but also how it is not a safe or healthy habit to start.

The aim of our magnetic pack is to:

Aim: To understand how vaping can be both dangerous and a manner to a healthier lifestyle for tobacco smokers.
• To encourage young people and adults to quit smoking tobacco by understanding how vaping may be an aid to quitting, but not a replacement that is ‘safe’.
• To realise how vaping is affecting their health, by understanding that nicotine within the vaping liquid is highly addictive and they may not be able to quit the habit.
• The dangers of vaping even with shop bought e-cigarette/vaporiser and e-liquids can be dangerous and that in different countries there are different laws meaning the liquids can contain chemicals that could be cancerous/dangerous to health.
• That there is still a financial cost to vaping, especially if it becomes a lifelong habit.
• That society may see vaping as a negatively in the future as a person who smokes. Effects could be far reaching to aspirations of work, sport etc.
• That marketing of vaping is ‘big businesses and companies are trying to have people ‘hooked’ to their product.
• That introducing other substances/illegal drugs etc into a vaporiser could be lethal.
• That altering or buying a manipulated vaporiser may increase addiction and ill health.