Dangers of Smoking - Magnetic Pack

Magnetic pack - professional - smoking
Magnetic pack - professional - smoking
Magnetic pack - professional - smoking

The 'Dangers of Smoking' My Bodyboard magnetic pack consists of 36 picture magnets and 30 text descriptions. Teachers/health professionals can engage with individuals and groups to discuss issues around tobacco. Users match up the magnetic pictures with the words and place them on the My Bodyboard. A full lesson plan and pop lock folder is included with each pack. A fun, interactive, and pupil led discussion lesson to look at the Dangers of Smoking.

The Smoking My Bodyboard helps health professionals to cover the following smoking related topics:

Healthy & Diseased Lung / Diseased Heart 'Section' / Cigarette / Lighter / Matches / Cigarette Packet / Blocked Artery / Thumb and Index Finger Yellowed / Wrinkled Skin / Osteoporosis / Stomach Ulcer / 4,000 Chemical Scene / 20, + 10 notes / Peer Pressure Scene / Addiction Scene / Deforestation Scene / Litter Scene / Fires From Discarded Smoking Materials / Cigarettes / Bad Breath Person / Eyes - Blind Scenario / Horrid Teeth Image / Coin Toss - 1 in 2 Smokers Die from the Habit / Liver Cancer / Reproductive System / Uterine Cancer / Impotent Cigarette / Kidney Cancer / Quitting Scene / Foot with Gangronous Toes / 90,000 Deaths a Year / Smoking and Damage to Foetus-Newborns / Secondhand Smoke.

The pack also includes additional blank magnets allowing the instructor to add any alcohol related issues that come up during the session with a white board marker.

Personal, Social Health and Economic Education (PSHE) at its best.