Puberty for Boys - Magnetic Pack

Magnetic pack - professional - puberty boys
Magnetic pack - professional - puberty boys
Magnetic pack - professional - puberty boys

My Bodyboard Puberty for Boys magnetic pack consists of 50+ picture and text magnets. Teachers can engage with individual students and groups to discuss changes that occur during puberty. Throgh the activity plans provided students can use the magnetic pack images to understand key physical changes and also general Relationship & Sex Education (RSE) issues.

The RSE Puberty Boys magnetic pack helps facilitators to cover the following key topics:

Tanner Stages (stages of development of sexual organs and the body) / Anatomy of Reproductive Organ Development / Sperm / Penis - Erection / Change from Boy To Man / Increased Hair Growth over Body / Chest Hair Growth / Underarm Hair Growth / Body Odour - Sweating / Managing Body Odour / Deepening of Voice / Adam's Apple / Brain / Hormones during Puberty / Confusing Emotions / Arguing / Personal Grooming / Distance from Parents / Butterflies in the Stomach / Romantic Relationships / Increased Appetite / Bullying / Changes to the Face / Facial Hair / Razor / Shaving / Acne / Growing Pains / Muscle Development / Broadening of shoulders.

Each pack comes in a pop lock folder and with full lesson plan/activity guide. Personal, Social Health and Economic Education (PSHE) at its best.