Food & Nutrition - Magnetic Pack

Magnetic pack - professional - Nutrition
Magnetic pack - professional - Nutrition
Magnetic pack - professional - Nutrition

My Bodyboard Food & Nutrition magnetic pack consists of almost 100 different picture magnets and text descriptions. Teachers/health professionals can engage with individual students and groups to discuss the effects of food and educate on nutrition & obesity. Students choose the appropriate images that correspond to different foods, facts or emotions/feelings around food.

The Food & Nutrition magnetic pack helps facilitators to cover the following key topics:

The effects of food and nutrition on the organs of the body / Good effects of nutrition / Negative effects from inadequate nutrition or too much of certain foods / Healthy vs. Junk Foods / Deaths in the UK/US from obesity related conditions / Food intake vs energy output / Nutritional information & guideline - daily amounts of calories / Nutritional information cards / Alcohol and calories / Weight and bullying / Dieting / Bulimia Nervosa / Anorexia Nervosa / Portion Plate / Eatwell Guide & US My Plate.

Each pack comes in a pop lock folder and with full lesson plan/activity guide. Personal, Social Health and Economic Education at its best.