Dangers of Alcohol - Magnetic Pack

Magnetic pack - professional - alcohol
Magnetic pack - professional - alcohol
Magnetic pack - professional - alcohol

The 'Dangers of Alcohol' My Bodyboard magnetic pack consists of 36 picture magnets and 38 text descriptions. Teachers/health professionals can engage with individuals and groups to discuss issues around responsible drinking and the dangers of alcohol abuse. Users match up the magnetic pictures with the words/descriptions and then place them on the My Bodyboard. A full lesson plan and pop lock folder is included with each pack. A fun, interactive, and pupil led discussion way to look at the Dangers of Alcohol.

The Alcohol My Bodyboard helps facilitators to cover the following alcohol related topics:

Lung Constriction / Diseased Heart / Irregular Heart Beat / Alcopop / Wine / Beer / Bleeding Throat / Liver Disease / Osteoporosis / Stomach Ulcers / Inflamed Stomach Lining / 20 + 10 notes - Cost / Peer Pressure Scene / Brain Damage/Stroke / Accidents & Alcohol / Blurred Vision / Slurred Speech / Muscle Weakness / Violence / Breaking the Law / Depression / Reproductive System in Women / Impotence / Calories in Alcoholic Drinks / Drink Driving / Foetal Alcohol Syndrome / Binge Drinking / STD's / Pancreatic Cancer / Intestinal Cancer / Helping those Ill from Alcohol / Showing People 'Responsibly Enjoying Alcohol'.

The pack also includes additional blank magnets allowing the instructor to add any alcohol related issues that come up during the session with a white board marker. Personal, Social Health and Economic Education at its best.