Board - double-sided - Universal

My Bodyboard double-sided professional - Universal
My Bodyboard double-sided professional - Universal

The Universal Double-sided My Bodyboard has designed to enable teachers and health professionals to teach multiple health education & PSHE topics. On the front side is the outline of the body, ready for the multitude of magnetic packs we produce. The reverse side is designed to facilitate the use of the majority of our magnetic packs.

Available in both Professional (90 x 60cm) and School size (60 x 45cm).

Our new Universal Double-sided My Bodyboard is now the new the star of our range.
It allows you as a teacher, health professional to talk about multiple issues using the ever increasing range of health education, PSHE magnetic packs we produce.

The single sided My Bodyboard is available in two sizes;
Professional at 90 x 60 cm which works well in a larger classroom and our
School sized board at 60 x 45 cm - often used with smaller classes and group/individual work.
Both show the outline of a body with the reverse being blank and is fully magnetic.
The use of whiteboard markers is possible if cleaned off within the hour of use.

The beauty of the My BodyBoard is that you can purchase the one board to be used with multiple magnetic packs such as the;
The Dangers of Smoking
The Dangers of Alcohol
Puberty for Boys
Puberty for Girls
Food & Nutrition
Emotional Health
soon to be produced Drug Education packs including Vaping the Facts and Marijuana the Facts.

This enables you to have an interactive, informative and cost effective way to teach multiple health education, PSHE issues and keep it all in one place (see our carry cases) and at an affordable price.
There will be so many more packs available in the near future!