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My BodyBoard is a division of Wrightype Design. Wrightype Design has been writing and producing health educational interactive CD ROMS since 2002.The company was founded by Paul and Anji Wright.

We have experience in graphic design, teaching, public health and work with Children First/All party Parliamentary Group for a Fit & Healthy Childhood at the House of Lords in Parliament. We are proud of our business, the resources and our customers who strive to save lives through public health prevention initiatives. Through our familiarity of schools/public health departments we know how difficult it can be to teach fun, interactive health education (PSHE) that brings a true smile to the faces of pupils and the teachers involved. Also it can be expensive and difficult to store/carry so many different resources in a school/to a school to teach multiple areas of the personal, social & health economic education (PSHE) curriculum.

We therefore believe our magnetic packs used with the My BodyBoard will give you a product/set of products to teach multiple health topics, while also providing value for money and taking up little space in the school/car.

We are always willing to take new ideas on-board and even manipulate our packs to meet your needs we have produced specific packs for UK customers -Welsh text, distributors in the US, South Korea, Lithuania and Saudi Arabia.

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Telephone: +44 (0)1253 975900

Anji Wright - CEO and Creative Director -
Paul Wright MFPH FSPH - Public Health Specialist -